April ’07-’17

It happens once in a lifetime or at 10 years to meet the day again, in the same period of time. It’s ending of a lifestory or not. There were moments full of all kinds of feelings. It started with trust and friendship, it continued with a shy love and it ended with a powerfull love, eventhough the inappropiate words took over us. Love is inside and can be alive all the time, despite of all the misunderstandings. We could be far away but at the same time, we  could be closer than we imagine.

There were moments when we felt alone, even if we were together. Often, we forget to appreciate what we are and we considered things more important, but things have no value. We forget to love us and to give us affection. The circumstances make us taking wrong decisions or make us looking for accomplishments, to complete our life and our ego. Nothing of this means that love it’s ending. Just, we don’t know how to take care of love.

We were lovers and enemies. We gave and took back, we cried and looked in other ways something we wouldn’t find ever, because we tend to look you or you to look me in other people.

We can not change the past and we can not live in the future. Present is all we have and all we can do is learning from the past mistakes and trying to be more humane and more forgiving.

And maybe nothing is random! 7, 7, 12, one cycle

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