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I used to dream about a real love that lasts forever. A love that can reach every pain, doubts or guilt, a love that can pass every obstacle. I believed that real love means suffering too and I was right. But after suffering I was thinking that those souls will refind each other and would be happy every after. I see love like unity, two in one, smiles and approach.

I lied you, I wasn’t honest with no one of us, I have broken your heart, I was selfish and now I really see that I made mistake by mistake. I have nothing to reproach, you did what you considered it is better, I deserved it.

Now, nothing is relevant: no word, no regrets. It is just past. I wish I could tell you the truth, to release my inside fight, even though it will be my lasts words. You will thing is not worth but I thing it is about respect of what we used to be.

I still love you and I stil remember …

It’s time to let go …

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Image result for let go


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